Amanda Workman

It’s Teacher Tuesday! 

This week we are spotlighting our Title I teacher, Amanda Workman. 

Amanda is a graduate of Marshall University, married with 3 children. She has taught for 18 years. Amanda said the following: 

“I had some great teachers growing up. Judy McCann and Gwen Ramey were extremely influential on me in high school for different reasons. Judy Mccann loved English and writing and so did I. She taught me so much about Public speaking. Gwen Ramey was an extremely tough teacher who had extremely high expectations and you were held accountable with her. She also loved America and community service; I love America and community services too. I thrived around her.I was like a sponge. 

I think I was always supposed to be a teacher. Once, a teacher sent my mom a post card in seventh grade telling her I should be a teacher because I had presented a lesson on Wv History so well to my classmates. I grew up watching my mom struggle with the bureaucracy of teaching, and all the extra time she spent away from her family at school. I honestly wanted no part of that and vowed never to be a teacher when I was a teenager. Yet, after waiting tables for a while I quickly realized that teaching would definitely be a better career path for me. My mom, 3 aunts and my brother all were teachers. School was always the subject of conversation at my house growing up.  Education was very important to my parents. I spent many hours helping my mom and aunts prepare for students, whether it was painting their classroom, dusting bookshelves or running papers off. I graduated Marshall in 2002, then 

substituted for 3 years. loved it! I loved picking and choosing which days to work and what class to sub in however, I was offered seventh grade English at Harts High School so I accepted. Some of my favorite memories were teaching at Harts High and Harts Middle School. I currently teach Title One Reading and Math. My favorite subjects to teach are reading and writing. I love to help students fall in love with characters or realize they enjoy nonfiction texts. I equally love helping students realize that they have wonderful stories hidden within themselves and that writing can be truly rewarding. Someday, I will be a published author”.