Jackie McCann

It’s Teacher Tuesday! 

This week we are spotlighting our 3rd grade teacher, Jackie McCann. 

Birth Month:  December

3 Daughters: Lauren, Haley and Mackenzie

1 Granddaughter:  Riley

Hometown: Harts, Wv

Favorite Quote:  “It is our choices that show what we truly are for more than our abilities.”  Albus Dumbledore

Or  “It matter not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

Favorite Sport:  I like most sports.

Favorite Teams:  Yankess, Duke, Marshall, Patriots (although I’m big Tom Brady Fan!)

Favorite TV Show:  Stranger Things, Sweet magnolias, Friends

Favorite Smell: Vanilla

Favorite Dessert:  Red Velvet Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

Favorite Food:  Pasta

Favorite Candy: Snickers

Favorite Season:  Summer….although I do love Fall when the leaves turn and it’s still about 70 degrees

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas

College: Marshall University/WVSU

Why did I become a teacher:

Growing up I was surrounded by strong women who were all educators.  I admired the passion in each of these women.  They had a drive to help others succeed. I admired them for their desire to see my community become better through education and also through opportunities they spearheaded for the youth in my hometown.  I could see the spark in their eyes when they talked about school….which was constant! One of these women was the biggest impact on my decision to become a teacher…she was my sister.  Her passion and love for her students and the way she engaged them in learning inspired me.  She gave me the desire to choose a career where I to could have an impact on children too.  I wanted to be like her and make a difference.  She was truly called to be a teacher…I believe I was too.  Teaching is a calling…and I’m blessed have the title… teacher.  I love my job and the children I’ve been privaledged to have in my class.  I am so glad these women, especially my sister, inspired me to pursue a degree that I ended up loving.