Joshua Dehaven

It’s Teacher Tuesday! 

This week we are highlighting our fabulous music teacher, Mr. Dehaven. 

Name: Josh DeHaven

Birth month: February 

Family: Wife - Shelby DeHaven

Hometown: Huntington

Favorite Quote: "Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Team: Marshall

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite TV Show(s): The Walking Dead, Loki, Agents of Shield

Favorite Movie: Spider-Man No Way Home

Favorite Smell: Vanilla 

Favorite dessert: Ice Cream

Favorite Food: Curry

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids and Reese's Cups 

Favorite Season: Fall 

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Instrument: Trombone

Favorite Music: Jazz - This is Louis Armstrong. Acapella - Praise and Harmony.

Trombone Shorty's Backatown. The Eagles.

College attended: Marshall University

Reason you became a teacher: I love playing music and I enjoy working with kids. As a music teacher I have the privilege to do both.